The Way of Salve can be understood as an open platform. In the upcoming months I would like to start a broader research about how a short-lived alternate reality changes our perspective. To allow the concept to become alive I am inviting you to propose ideas about places within The Way of Salve gets the possibility to emancipate. Feel free to write me any suggestions via the link below and I will come back to you.


If you are interested in joining The Way of Salve leave a message behind. You will receive an envelope to your home that contains a note and a single item that easily allows you to join and contribute from wherever you are.

About mona


 Mona Steinhaeusser is a German fashion designer who defines herself as a creator of matters in social contexts, which resist conventional Western consumerism and raise philosophical questions about individual physical and mental interaction, health, education and well-being.

Back in Germany and until she turned eighteen, Mona was raised in an anthroposophical context, which motivated her early on to create alternative structures. Her Bachelor degree in Fashion Design at the Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design (2015) already made her question her place in the fashion world and positioned her at the intersection of art, design and performance. For the last two years, ever since she enrolled in the master program Fashion Matters, her motivation has stretched to create products that invite holistic experiences.


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